Comprehensive pain medicine from a medical group you can trust.

Our Medical Group is the premier Pain Management group in the Inland Northwest. Pain Clinic of Spokane, Idaho Pain Clinic and Sandpoint Surgery Center bring together some of the best Medical Providers in the country for Pain Management. Featuring a practice model that embraces comprehensive, personalized pain management, our medical team is dedicated to providing the most effective pain management care serving Idaho, Washington and Canadian patients. Comprehensive patient assessments allow the medical team to diagnose the source of pain and focus on increasing function and quality of life.
Our Medical Providers don’t shy away where others give up.

Your pain relief is our mission!

Leader in Non-operative Orthopedics, Pain Management Research, Diagnostic Procedures and Techniques, and Effective Treatment

1. Experience You Can Trust

Our physicians are Board Certified and Fellowship Trained in pain management, and offer the most advanced treatment options available in the United States.

2. Dedicated to Our Patients

Our medical team is compassionate, caring and puts the needs of our patients first. You can trust our medical providers to take care of your pain.

3. Diagnostic procedures and Treatments for our patients.

Leading the way in non-operative orthopedic, spine & pain management. Make an appointment and let us show you how we can reverse your need for surgery with platelet rich plasma therapy, overcome your chronic pain condition with ultrasound or fluoro-guided injections, and get you back to pain free living, today.

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